Around Town GPS Rides


Around Town (State College) Routes

Take a leisurely ride through town and visit some great restaurants, breweries, shops, parks and more.


Movie Time!


New for Spring 2023 Anytime is movie time, but Spring is a great time to get out of your winter doldrums and go see a movie! Our route starts on or near campus and uses bike paths to get you to the Carnegie 9 theatre. Grab a Spin Bike, and go catch a flick.

Boal Mansion

Two tours of historic Boalsburg, home of Memorial Day. The red route is mostly on-road; the blue mostly on bike paths.

Little Trail Loop

Explore some corners of the campus that you might not have seen before. Trails and mostly low-traffic roads on this little tour of town and gown, and you can stop at the Berkey Creamery for a couple scoops of Death by Chocolate on your way back.

Little TG Loop

A tour of Town and Gown and the Orchard Park and Blue Course Drive shared use paths. Include a stop at the Berkey Creamery on your way back for an Alumni Swirl cone!

Little SC South


Sure, you *could* just go straight, but where’s the fun in that? Starting near the Pugh St. parking garage, this tour of State College South winds through the neighborhoods, past Sears mail-order houses (circa 1920-40) and the “White Oaks Addition” (circa 1955). Great way to become familiar with the South side of town if you’re new to the area or looking for a place to live.

Little SC North

College Heights Tour

Starting near the Pugh St. parking garage, this tour of State College North winds through College Heights East and West. Great way to become familiar with the North side of town if you’re new to the area or looking for a place to live, or want to see more Sears mail-order houses.

Little SC West
& Greentree

Tour of “western” State College: from the stone houses of historic Holmes-Foster District to earthen-bank contemporaries in the newest part of State College, the Greentree neighborhood.

North Shopping


Take bike paths & lanes, an occasional sidewalk, and neighborhood roads to the shops and restaurants on the north side of Campus. Starts at McKee St. and Park Avenue. You can shorten the ride by 1.4 miles at mile 3.1 by turning left rather than right.

Innovation Park

Oft requested route from Campus to Innovation Park UNDER I-99. Starts at the corner of Curtin & Porter Rds between Beaver Stadium & Medlar Field. Be sure to say “Hi” to the cows! 

Harvest Fields MB Trails

Going to cycle the Harvest Fields Community Trails? Ride out, Ride ’em, Ride back! Follow this route from downtown at the edge of campus, and remember, Ride with GPS will guide you on the shortest path to the route if needed, and you can start anywhere and pick up the directions!


Get the FREE RideWithGPS (RWGPS) app from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Once you download your ride, you can use it with or WITHOUT cell service to travel Happy Valley.

Please be advised

While these routes are mapped by experienced bicyclists to provide you with routing assistance, use of these routes is at your own risk. Some of these routes traverse bike lanes or other facilities designed specifically for bicyclists, but others include or are exclusively on local streets and highways, or are technical, single-track mountain bike trails. CentreBike does not warrant the safety of bicyclists as they access these roads and trails. Every bicyclist is responsible for his or her personal safety and welfare and for remaining alert and mindful of conditions on the roads or trails.