Area Festivals


Routes to local festivals 

Summer 2021 and things are opening up. Here are rides to get you there and save on the CO2. 

Millheim Out-and-Back

Nice, mostly low traffic road route to Millheim. Out-and-back the same way so you can concentrate on enjoying this very cool little corner of Centre County and take in WalkFest

Spring mills TO MILLHEIM



Not up for 50+ miles. Haul your bike out to Spring Mills and park near the old school building. It’s a scenic creekside ride out to Millheim. Partake in the WalkFest while you’re there.

Art in the Orchard

Leave your car behind and get out to Way Fruit Farm & Bakery for Art in the Orchard on some of our favorite roads to the south of State College. Gander at the barns on the way, and you may even see some Llamas.


Rhoneymeade is an intimate garden where a blossoming arboretum nurtures a variety of sculptures; a quick and easy ride from State College.


Roll through Brush Valley and Centre Hall to the little hamlet of Rebersburg, then down through “The Narrows” to Millheim. Make your way back home through Coburn and Spring Mills. Lots of scenery; lots of Amish buggies and scooters! Verified 5/23/2021 by Dana M.


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Please be advised

While these routes are mapped by experienced bicyclists to provide you with routing assistance, use of these routes is at your own risk. Some of these routes traverse bike lanes or other facilities designed specifically for bicyclists, but others include or are exclusively on local streets and highways, or are technical, single-track mountain bike trails. CentreBike does not warrant the safety of bicyclists as they access these roads and trails. Every bicyclist is responsible for his or her personal safety and welfare and for remaining alert and mindful of conditions on the roads or trails.