Gravel Adventures


Gravel Adventure Routes

If you enjoy riding through wood lined gravel and natural trails, you’ll love our gravel adventure routes.

Tussey Mixed

Mix a little gravel and a little tar and you have a beautiful ramble through the woods and farms of Tussey; Mountain & -ville! Along the way, stop at Rhoneymeade — bike parking available — and walk the labyrinth and sculpture-filled gardens.

Rothrock State Forest

Hold tight — gravel your way through Rothrock and more. Our beautiful state forests have miles and miles of gravel roads through some of PA’s oldest tree stands. Pick the ride that fits your time, and go explore this lush woodland. Click on the routes below for more info. Gravel: 14 mile (Blue), 25 mile (Green), 49 mile (Orange) and 66 mile (Yellow). Mixed Gravel/Road: 19 mile (Red). 

Early MorninG Gravel w/Sam

From Jen S. and our friends at Happy Valley Women’s Cycling team. A challenging ramble through Rothrock that will wake up your heart and everything else! Cues reviewed by Paul R. — pending verification 10/20/2023.  


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Please be advised

While these routes are mapped by experienced bicyclists to provide you with routing assistance, use of these routes is at your own risk. Some of these routes traverse bike lanes or other facilities designed specifically for bicyclists, but others include or are exclusively on local streets and highways, or are technical, single-track mountain bike trails. CentreBike does not warrant the safety of bicyclists as they access these roads and trails. Every bicyclist is responsible for his or her personal safety and welfare and for remaining alert and mindful of conditions on the roads or trails.