Road Warrior Rides


Road Warrior Routes

Whether you like a casual 15 mile ride along stream banks and through farm land, or are aiming to get over 60 miles in at a healthy pace, we’ve got a route for you. Though we’ve done our best to pick routes that are spacious and bike friendly, as with any paved route, please be aware and cautious of those you share the road with – cars, pedestrians, and even BUGGYS!

Boal Mansion

Two tours of historic Boalsburg, home of Memorial Day. The red route is mostly on-road; the blue mostly on bike paths.  Click on the route for details!

Penn’s Cave

Go “caving” or go for the wildlife on one of these two routes to Penns Cave. The red route is mostly paths and low traffic roads; blue if you’re OK in traffic. Click on the route for details!

Gatesburg Loop

Explore the countryside just a few miles from Downtown in Gatesburg. Ride the red route from Beaver Stadium through campus, or take a short drive to the blue route.

BRFBS Black Moshannon

The “classic” Black Mo ride from Scott Adams’ “Bike Rides from Beaver Stadium” book. You’ll be climbing 1400′ up the Allegheny Front from the low point of the ride in Unionville, and almost 4000′ in 40 miles! Cues approved 5/1/2021 by Paul R.

Somethin’ Different

Not quite Black Mo, but a good bit of climbing as you wend your way across the face of the Allegheny Front. Nice quiet roads between Beaver Rd. and Bald Eagle. A short bit of gravel (about .8 of a mile), but it’s in good shape. Some choppy pavement in spots, too. You probably don’t *want* to take your 23c road or tri bike on this route, but you would make it fine. Verified 4/24/2021 by Paul R and Dana M.


Roll through Brush Valley and Centre Hall to the little hamlet of Rebersburg, then down through “The Narrows” to Millheim. Make your way back home through Coburn and Spring Mills. Lots of scenery; lots of Amish buggies and scooters! Verified 5/23/2021 by Dana M.

BRFBS Tour of the Valley View

This is the Tour of the Valley View from Scott Adams’ “Bike Rides from Beaver Stadium” book. Nice little loop which works equally well in reverse. While you’re in Bellefonte, take rest stop at Talleyrand Park — close to downtown and many food, drink, and shopping options. Verified 5/18/2021 by Paul R.

Bellefonte Tour

Bop on over to the Fonte, ride the back streets and wind your way to Irish Hollow and down Axemann. Lots of to-do stops in Bellefonte, including Talleyrand Park and numerous restaurants and shopping  in this Victorian enclave, home to the Mills Brothers, and a stop on the Underground Railroad. Cues approved on 7/29/21 by Dana M.

Yarnell Routes

Explore the Little Marsh Creek valley in this series of rides to the quiet little town of Yarnell. (“Yarn’ ol” in the local vernacular). As Scott Adams says in his book Bike Rides from Beaver Stadium, “Mountains you must climb, but the road is spotted with attractive homes and small-town churches,” and, in our humble opinion, a number of beautiful views. Click on a route in the map for more info (You may need to zoom in a bit). Blue: 43.6 miles, Green: 45.2 miles, Orange: 53.0 miles, Red: 55.2 miles.

Please be advised

While these routes are mapped by experienced bicyclists to provide you with routing assistance, use of these routes is at your own risk. Some of these routes traverse bike lanes or other facilities designed specifically for bicyclists, but others include or are exclusively on local streets and highways, or are technical, single-track mountain bike trails. CentreBike does not warrant the safety of bicyclists as they access these roads and trails. Every bicyclist is responsible for his or her personal safety and welfare and for remaining alert and mindful of conditions on the roads or trails.